The original mission for the Council on Workforce Investment (CWI) in 2000 called on members to serve as the state's workforce investment council, and to:

  • Pursue and foster public/private strategies to prepare, expand, upgrade and sustain Wisconsin's workforce.
  • Encourage and develop effective partnerships among and with state and local stakeholders.
  • Serve as a clearinghouse to identify, collect and disseminate innovative workforce investment strategies.
  • Evaluate the quality and success of workforce investment programs and recommend policies that promote continuous improvement.
  • Recommend strategies, policies and legislative changes that will lead towards a truly unified workforce investment system.
  • Develop and regularly refine a five-year plan for Wisconsin's workforce.

Following is a reflection on that mission.



In May 2012, $275,000 in grants was set aside for 11 WDBs ($25,000 each), funding efforts to engage employers to assess hiring needs and develop strategies to meet those needs. The grants addressed needs for skilled workers in manufacturing, healthcare, agribusiness, information technology and other high-growth sectors.

Sector-based funding is a core element of Governor Evers’ Wisconsin Working initiative. The grants support the needs of existing and emerging high-growth sectors. Since 2009, Sector Strategy efforts have been received WIA discretionary funding which helps convene local stakeholders and train the workforce to meet industry-specific skill demand.

Sector Convening Grants Summary Paper, 2012-2013


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