Governor Evers' Council on Workforce Investment

The Governor's Council on Workforce Investment is the federally-mandated entity under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act that assists the governor in developing innovative and dynamic approaches to develop Wisconsin's workforce.

The Council is charged with aiding Wisconsin employers in finding the workers they need and providing resources to enable workers to access training for in-demand careers with the ultimate goal of moving Wisconsin's economy forward.

Members include a majority of business leaders, as well as state legislators and local elected officials, representatives from educational institutions, community-based organizations, and labor representatives from throughout the state.

The members of the Council on Workforce Investment work closely with the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) to craft a comprehensive workforce development strategy that:

  • Anticipates employer labor needs while building and strengthening Wisconsin's workforce;
  • Supports the development of a highly-skilled labor force; and
  • Empowers individuals to pursue and retain good paying careers.

Achieving Governor Evers' vision for workforce development will require collaboration between DWD, state agencies, economic development entities, workforce development organizations, and educational institutions to support a robust pipeline that will support private-sector job creators.

The Council will also leverage the strong partnerships that exist within Wisconsin’s workforce development system to lay the foundation for continuing enhancements that will benefit Wisconsin businesses and workers.

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