Governor's Council on Workforce Investment

Strategic Plan

Governor's Council on Workforce Investment 2014-2018 Strategic Plan


The By-Laws for the Governor's Council on Workforce Investment (CWI), revised 2017.

Executive Order

The Governor creates the Council and directs its activities by Executive Order.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA)


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Budget Requests and Reports to the Governor (all)

Workforce, Talent Development, and Economic Information

Wisconsin Apprenticeship

2015 Wisconsin Apprenticeship Summit final report, January 28-20, 2015

Workforce Investment Act (WIA)

Wisconsin WIA home page, hosted by DWD Div. of Employment and Training

WIA Annual Reports

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Workforce Program Fact Sheets (DWD-DET)


Reentry Programs in the Milwaukee Area

At the request of the Governor's Task Force on Minority Unemployment, Employ Milwaukee has made available an inventory of re-entry programs serving individuals returning to the Milwaukee area after incarceration. The inventory may not contain all re-entry programs in the Milwaukee area and is for informational purposes only. Providers of reentry programs and services interested in being added to the inventory may email Dominique Webb of Employ Milwaukee, or phone 414-874-1636.

Workforce and Economic Information